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Post by laurel on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:24 pm

Lukáš Ambroz B1e62dc3-1ba0-48f5-ad5a-89c5baccec06_zps3967017d

♜ lukáš cymry ambroz
❝ I'm a man of many hats, although I've never mastered anything. ❞

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Post by laurel on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:50 pm

Name: ★
Lukáš Cymry Ambroz.

Nickname: ★
"Luke" or "Lu."

Meaning of name: ★
Lukáš: "bringer of light."
Cymry: “fellow countryman.”
Ambroz: “immortal.”

Origin of name: ★
Lukáš: Czechs.
Cymry: Welsh.
Ambroz: Czechs.

Age: ★
Twenty-three years old.

Gender: ★

Blood type: ★

Astrological sign: ★

Chinese zodiac: ★

Element: ★

Nationality: ★
Welsh and British.

Ethnicity: ★
Czechs, Welsh and English.

Race/Species: ★

Sexual Orientation: ★

Current status: ★

Birth date: ★
January 8th, 2012, 7:21 GMP.

Birth place: ★
Cerrigydrudion, Wales.

Hometown: ★
Cerrigydrudion, Wales.

Current residence: ★
Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

Occupation: ★
Residential Doctor.

Title: ★
Professional Doctorate, (MD).

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Lukáš Ambroz Empty Re: Lukáš Ambroz

Post by laurel on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:50 pm

Appearance ★
185.4 centimeters (6 feet, 1 inch) tall. Weighs 72 kilograms (158.7 pounds). He has somewhat stooped posture in private due to reading, but tries to stand tall in public to break that habit. Lanky, tall, build with broad shoulders. Peachy skin, but hasn’t seen much sun. Has dark brown, almost black with no widow's peak. His ears are on the larger side, but not noticeably. He has unattached lobes. Hazel eyes. Hawk-shaped nose. Generally has a wry and crooked smile. Long, slender "pianist" fingers which are not particularly bony. Egyptian, flat feet. Wears insoles to help. Wears black, medium-sized, plastic frames, but has decent vision.

He has a flat upper lip with not much indentation. Medium amount of indentation of the philtrum. He has a mouth and set of jaws on the smaller side, so there isn't much room for anymore teeth to grow in, hence his little problem. His wisdom teeth are growing in fairly late, and since he doesn't have room in his mouth for them to grow in, they're pushing in from the side, which give him massive headaches and too much jaw-work makes it worse. Because of this, he avoids eating very much.

He has an inverted triangle-shaped face. If he's happy or amused, he generally has a little wry smile on his face. It's not impossible to get a laugh out of him, although he'll make you work for it. If he's anxious, worried, or angry, his eyebrows generally furrow, and the frown will be obvious on his face. People don't see his 'sad' side. Depression doesn't often get a hold of him, but when it does, it's disastrous for him because he doesn't know what to do with himself, so he locks himself away for a while.

He doesn't have any tattoos, but he has an elongated scar stretching from the middle of his right side to the top of his hip that was created during an instance when he was beyound the gates and lost his footing while running to safety. In the process, he tumbled down the hill through an area where leaves covered large branches. One of the branches he tumbled over was sharp and split through his side. Needless to say he is alright now, although it was a bit traumatic to run away from zombies while injured and bleeding significantly. There is a mole near his left lip on his cheek. He also has a few other moles dotted around on his body.

Ambidextrous, left, or right handed?: ★
Technically, he's right-handed. He's been practicing writing with both of his hands as well as doing other tasks using his sub-dominant hand. His left is still rather weak, but he hasn't given up yet.

Who does he take after; mother or father? ★
He has his mother's pioneering personality-- this odd, intuitive thing about her that she passed down to him. He inherited his father's looks, save for his hazel eyes that are his mother's gift to him.

Style (Elegant, shabby, etc): ★
While he isn't one to dress in ostentatious clothing, he does like wearing this that are categorized as 'classy' or 'sophisticated,' although that doesn't mean he doesn't like to dress in comfort. He often will sleep in sweats or an old band t-shirt he found at an abandoned shop while going on an excursion to the 'outside.'

How does he dress or what do they typically wear?: ★
Generally, he wears button-down shirts with collars, sometimes a vest or something of that nature over it. In the winter weather he wears thermals (if he's going outside) and sweaters. He's generally the winner of the 'ugly Christmas sweater' contest. Throughout the year, he'll wear trousers. You could say he "dresses like your dad."

Other outfits one might find in their wardrobe: ★
An assortment of band t-shirts and merchandise. Whenever he sees them on excursions, he takes them to add to his pyjamas collection.

Jewelry and/or other accessories: ★
His pipe. No, just kidding. He wears a watch (like this one) all the time.

Weapons: ★
If you call an antique envelope opener a weapon?.. Well, he does have a few handguns like any other sane person around this joint. If he brings along his backpack, he has a variety of survival knifes just in case.

Health: ★
He's sort of below average on health. He has an alright immune system. He gets sick around the same time everyone else does, if not, he's the first to get it. He has bad feet (which he has done the best he could to correct) and has a slight stigma in each of his eyes. If you throw in his wisdom teeth problems that lead up to not-so-great eating habits, well, he's not so great in this category. But he's not bad, that's for sure. He's maybe below average at worst.

Hygiene: ★
He washes every single night he can. Scrubs behind his ears-- the whole schbang.

Physical Flaws: ★
As mentioned, he has slight stigmas in each of his eyes, flat feet, and teeth problems.

Physical Qualities: ★
He's generally quick to react. He's limber, and can climb relatively well. He just has some trouble running very quick without motivation. If he's running away from something, he could haul his ass across town in under ten minutes.

Is he generally balanced or clumsy?: ★
He's pretty balanced.

Describe their mannerisms/poses/movement: ★
He taps collarbone while he's waiting or thinking. When he stands up and is in the same spot for a while, he rolls back onto his heel. He's taught himself to move with grace despite his flat feet, so when he walks it looks nice. He keeps himself tall in front of others.

Describe their walk: ★
Very light and flowing. Doesn't have much of a bounce.

Habits/OCDs/Obsessions: ★
The tapping of his collarbone whenever he's thinking. Smoking his pipe whenever he's confused, stressed, tired, or needs a breather, which is often.

Speech patterns: ★
Rolls his R's on habit sometimes. His "ty's" sound more like "teh's."

Unique phrases: ★
"Don't wait for tomorrow. Do it now."

Do they curse, and if so, to what extent: ★
He doesn't very often. He was taught that it was very coarse and rather, you could put it, disgusting form of language.

Write a piece of dialogue that this character might say: ★
"You know, I sometimes look up at the sky and wonder if someone's looking at the same exact spot in the sky. Maybe the same star. I wonder if they're facing the same troubles, or if they have troubles. If they do, I hope they pull through. And if they struggle, that they struggle well and learn from what they're going through because some of the things we go through are once in a lifetime experiences."

Describe their voice: ★
It's fairly deep. He'd be a baritone if in some sort of choir, although his singing voice isn't quite above cats yowling at night, so he doesn't really try in that area. It's very kind, however. His voice is somewhat soft, but clear when speaking.

Describe their sleep patterns: ★
He gets a good amount of sleep and tries to make sure that his body enters REM sleep no matter the cost. He generally sleeps anywhere from five to nine hours, but more often gets six or seven.

Describe their eating patterns/diet: ★
He starts he day off with oatmeal. Ventures into soupy things and very soft food. He stays away from overly sweet things, and prefers bitter and spicy food. He usually eats breakfast at 8:00, has a snack a noon, another at 4:00 in the evening, and has dinner at 8:00. He tries not to be picky, but it sometimes shows as he'll decline certain foods when offered (mostly including seafoods, some vegetables, and anything that takes effort to chew). He has an average metabolism.

Describe their house/dwelling: ★
It's a small apartment-like area. There are three rooms: the kitchen and living room, the bathroom, and the bedroom with his closet. The closet just has teddy bears because he's a freak. His bedroom has a couple of large bookcases, a few papers scattered, his bed, along with a dresser that has a lamp on it. His desk has an assortment of files and writing utensils, and he has a checkerboard on top that he sometimes brings along when he visits his guardians. The desk and closet also hold medical files and his clothing. In the living area, he has an upright piano salvaged from ruins that he's fixed up. He has that set up against the wall, and you can see his small couch and bean bag that sit nearby it through the window. The kitchen has the normal appliances and he has a table for two set up so it doesn't look like he's always alone. His bathroom is just a bathroom. It connects to his bedroom and the living room and kitchen area.

Describe their bedroom: ★
It's described in the prior post because I am lame. Here's his schedule, though.
Wake up at 6:00am-7:00am.
Breakfast at 8:00am.
Snack at 12:00pm.
Snack at 4:00pm.
Dinner at 8:00pm.
Bedtime at 11:00pm-12:00am.

Relationship skills: ★
He’s generally unskilled in some senses. He understands that you can’t always be mushy, but at the same time, it’s incorrect to be somewhat of a rock, therefore he knows it’s alright to display affection. This being said, he’s a calm lover, and a fine friend. He’s not overly attached, so he makes great for someone who would just enjoy company.

Crushes: ★
Riley McAlister.

Boyfriend: ★
He wants it to be Riley? Shhh… So, currently no boyfriend or girlfriend, but Riley’s his number one choice and he’s secretly just like, ‘oh, please, oh please.’

Other lovers: ★
“The girl next door” named Irene, a girl who’s mom used to be a florist and had a great deal of knowledge of species of flowers (her name was Macie), a gay business man who was an awful good chess player, a few rambunctious woman, and well, he hasn’t had any more than that. Just people looking for company that he was willing to give. (All of them had come to him as patients at some point, then they developed a relation with him outside of the whole doctor-patient deal--- generally.)

First crush: ★
Let’s put it this way: the girl next door.

Who was it?: ★
First real crush was probably some cute girl that lived across from him on his little dinky street, when he was nine. When he’d go outside, she’d be really fun to talk to, and they’d run around the block together, and she’d be the one to get him integrated into having friends, even though he was homeschooled and liked the indoors. On rainy days, he’d invite her over, and they’d have toast and he’d read her books since she wasn’t a strong reader.

How did it start?: ★
A ball hit him in the head when he was asked to take the trash down the street to a trash incinerator. It knocked him over and out, so when he came to, this tomboyish girl with a toothy smile was looking down at him and said, “wow, you’re a pansy.” And although, her first comment didn’t make his heart beat faster, when she pulled him up in a strong tug and dusted him off, apologizing with a handshake, he definitely did fall in love with those big brown eyes and freckled nose. He fell in love with her sincerity and bluntness. The awkward bluntness.

Did it last?: ★
Unfortunately, they never went out. Her parents decided that moving and finding a better living situation would be best, and they didn’t come back. Whether she’s alive, he doesn’t know.

What do they consider to be a romantic setting/activity/date?: ★
Something as simple as sitting together to read or working on a project, he takes as a relaxing setting perfect for a date. If his date was up to it, he would attempt to make a “romantic dinner.” (He might fail, however. He’s unsure of his culinary school.)

What did they do on their first date?: ★
Uh, oh, Macie would be his first date. He took her to the roof of a house which was essentially of a greenhouse and he gave her a little tour, then they went outside after admiring all the medical herbs and such. They had a cute little table that is reminiscent of something you’d find outside a Paris café. His mom helped him make the dinner and brought it up while he was in the greenhouse. His mom likes to be in on this sorta thing because she enjoys this stuff. She’s a weirdo.

How does a typical date go for this character?: ★
Sitting, talking, and reading, really. He doesn’t go on dates often, really.

How would they like to propose or be proposed to?: ★
He’d want to be crafty: not the whole put a ring in a glass of wine, or get on his knee and propose. Though not very flashy, he would want to do something extravagant that would be remembered. And hopefully he wouldn’t look like a fool!

Has this character lost their virginity?: ★
Yes, well. Yeah.

How sexual is he?: ★
Not overly—actually not really at all. He has the ability, it’s just not used very often, as he’s busier than he has time to take care of his “woman,” or man for that fact.

How does he feel emotionally after sex?: ★
I’m unsure when he lost his virginity or with whom. I imagine she was either somewhat of a seductress or someone who was confident and was able to wrap him around their finger. This being said, he might feel used after the sex. Like he was simply their outlet because he knows that they didn’t really have the intention of keeping him as boyfriend or such.

Does this character have self-control around individuals of their sexual desire?: ★
Ooooh, definitely. He doesn’t want to look like a creep and it’s totally disgusting for someone to randomly come onto another person without being well-acquainted and have had at least a few dates. He’s an old timer, really. Unless a man or woman comes onto him first without a few dates, it’s one thing, but if it’s someone he likes, then he’ll wait, get to know them, sort his feelings, and take a rational approach to the relationship.

Does sex play an important role in their relationships and to what extent?: ★
I imagine not. He doesn’t feel like he has to have sex with them to feel “connected,” in any sort of way. Body language, the way the eyes make contact, and overall emotions are what really count in a relationship for him. That… chemistry. Okay, bad pun. I’m sorry.

Turn-ons: ★
Intelligence certainly attracts him like bee to honey. He’s very interested in people who can carry a conversation and have knowledge on topics he’s not aware of.

Turn-offs: ★
Probably ignorance and vast amounts of stupidity is his main turn-off. He also is sort of repulsed by anyone who is nasty to others, and is just plain cruel.

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Lukáš Ambroz Empty Re: Lukáš Ambroz

Post by laurel on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:54 pm

Is this character generally dominant or submissive?: ★
Submissive, naturally. On rare occasions, he exercises qualities as a leader.

Describe their level of patience: ★
There are very few that could surpass his level of patience. Seeing as he is a doctor, he is expected to carry “all the answers,” yet understand himself that it isn’t his fault if he cannot reveal all the details if he can’t figure them out himself. He has to deal with people worried sick, angry fathers, weeping mothers, and rambunctious little ones. He has many that look up to him, and as much as he knows he cannot appease all of them, he tries very hard. There is a sort of stress on that job, and it does affect him to an extent, but he does his best to shrug it off.

Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: ★
I guess he rules his life by a few facts. The first being—everyone is different: you can’t change them and you shouldn’t want to change them, so don’t. Just encourage them to be the best person that they can be. The second being—you’re only around for so long before you die. There is no definition of a meaningful life, so you should live how you want to live. Do things, meet people, and live as this was your last day. The third and final is—ask questions.

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Strengths: ★
He’s a caring man, which gives him a great reputation as a doctor. People think they can rely on him for almost anything, and although he tries, he will fail once in a while. He has a good amount of responsibility on his shoulders, so he tries to carry it well. He’s curious, too, so there’s not much to impede his searches if he’s running through books. He’s a hard worker, and tries to be tidy. He’s also fairly chivalrous and “old-fashioned,” and is always looking for answers.

Character/Personality/Mental/Social Flaws: ★
Even as he’s very optimistic, and so he’s blinded to the fact that not everyone sees everything quite as dandy. He doesn’t live in fear, so he may sometimes forget that everyone else has other things to worry about: most of which doesn’t including conducting little experiments or reading books, or really education in the slightest. Another problem that arises as both a good and bad thing is the fact that he tries too hard to help others and often forgets to look after himself. He’s often sleep-deprived and a little scrawny for his size because of this. Because he’s always conducting his own experiments (this doesn’t always involve test tubes and the sort—it can be a social one where he charts things instead), he’s often rather disorganized.

Most at ease when: ★

Ill at ease when: ★
He is expected to do something that he cannot accomplish.

Describe his/her sense of humor: ★
It's very dry. He doesn't really care for fart jokes or anything childish. He's much more humored by "smart" jokes.

Biggest Vulnerability (non physical): ★
Those that act or look weak using it to his disadvantage.

Optimist or pessimist: ★
Optimist, but he uses a great deal of realism just so he can look at things rationally.

Describe character's sense of self-control: ★
As someone who can be very uncomfortable in limelight, he’s sort of shy in general when he first meets someone, though he may not show it due to some perseverance. He’s really just a quiet sort when he’s not around people he knows, and isn’t very aggressive. He observes, and abstains from putting much physical display into his emotions. So, in a general sense, he’s a very well-collected guy.

Simple pleasures: ★

Greater pleasures: ★

Motto/Personal quote: ★
"Do it today."

Describe character's sense of morals: ★
He tries to be a gentleman. He doesn't use foul language in front of women or children (or around anyone, really), and thinks that it's wrong to hurt those that are helpless. He thinks everyone should be able to love someone, regardless of their race, gender, or culture.

What do they consider taboo: ★
Hurting a child, burning books, and touching other peoples' butts without permission.

Describe character's etiquette: ★
He keeps his elbows off the table, holds the door open for others before letting himself in, keeps a napkin on his lap when eating, doesn't slurp, uses 'miss' or 'sir' when addressing unfamiliars. That whole deal.

Spontaneous or structured?: ★

Instinctual or logical?: ★
He uses a good deal of both. He relies more on logic than instinct, however.

How does this character act in public?: ★
Lukáš has good posture in public. He has a warm, welcoming look and regards others with a nod of his head or wave. He may stop to talk with others briefly and make sure they're alright health-wise.

How does this character act in privacy?: ★
He might talk aloud and muse to himself. He slouches-- something he finds unacceptable in public.

How does this character act around strangers vs. how they act around friends?: ★
He stands up taller in front of strangers and he's more guarded. With friends, he takes down a barrier or two he finds necessary to keep when with unfamiliars.

How does this character act around family?: ★
He's the same Lukáš everyone knows. He treats his family with respect and does his best to keep the peace if there is ever some sort of unsettling feeling among his parents and younger adoptive siblings.

]How has this character most changed from youth?: ★
Lukáš used to be very shy and couldn't really speak up for himself. Now he stands tall in the eye of the people and states what he believes.

How have they remained the same?: ★
He continues to ask questions and doesn't turn away others if they ask him for help. He does what he can whenever he can do it.

Best friends: ★
What are friends? Just kidding. He thinks of Sunny’s daughter, Luna, and Freya’s daughter, Estelle, to be some of his closer friends. He admires Luna’s friendliness and Estelle’s respect for others (something he holds in high regard). He’s been on hunting and scavenging trips with them, led by Riley, whom he thinks is probably the closest to a best friend as he can get. Besides that, he might consider his parents his best friends since they usually know how to comfort him when he’s upset and doesn’t know what to do.

Friends: ★
He has a few acquaintances in town when he makes rounds for the sick. Some of which include a little old lady that managed to survive the apocalypse thanks to her grandchildren, and Macie and he are still friends despite their relationship being unable to work. Although he’s acquainted with Sage, Farris, and Kasey, he’s not as familiar with them as he is Riley, Luna, or Estelle.

Has this character dealt with the loss of someone they knew?: ★

Known languages: ★
English, Welsh, Czechs, French, and some German. He studies them one at a time and perfects them as he goes. He's going to start teaching himself Dutch and other Germanic languages after he's got a grasp of German.

Musical talents/instruments: ★
He’s not quite skilled in this department as he is in others. He can play piano to an extent—in this case, he can use his right hand mostly to play little melodies. His best technique here is the fact that he can play tunes by ear if he finds the right note. Stringed instruments are out of the question. He could probably squeak out a few notes and what not if he tried with any wind instrument. This isn’t something that comes naturally to him, so he’d have to practice a good lot before even considered a musician, really. Rather than playing, he is very interested in listening to pieces. Grand symphonies and extravagant concertos. It’s his dream to find a phonograph and play a few records.

Confident/Mentor: ★
His adoptive parents are the closest thing he’s had to mentors. There have been other “students” per se, that have studied under the like he has, and he has been able to keep in contact with those who pursued the idea. He shares information with them, but ‘maminka’ and ‘tatanek’ have been the closest he’s had to teachers.

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Lukáš Ambroz Empty Re: Lukáš Ambroz

Post by laurel on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:55 pm

Immediate family members and their ages: ★
Amara Wren Gillen, adoptive mother, currently fifty-three
Cecilio Gray Gillen, adoptive father, currently fifty-eight
Gweneth Fflur Bevan-Ambroz, mother, twenty four (at death). Would be forty-three if alive.
Antonín "Toni" Ambroz, father, twenty-six (at death). Would be forty-five if alive.
Marina Gweneth Ambroz, sister, twenty-one.

Ethnicity of the mother: ★
Welsh, and English.

Ethnicity of the father: ★

Birth order: ★
First Lukáš, then Marina.

Extended family: ★
They're unknown and not of importance.

Any important/infamous/famous ancestors?: ★
Probably not.

Did this character know their birth parents?: ★
Not very well. He was a toddler when they were removed from his life.

Are the parents still alive?: ★
They're deceased.

Have the parents been separated either by choice or otherwise?: ★
They stayed together until the very end.

Was this character raised by someone other than their parents?: ★
After the age of four, yes.

How did the parents and caretakers treat him growing up versus now: ★
While growing up with his biological parents, he was always under constant supervision. They were very protective, but also very doting. His caretakers were the same even under the protection of the city walls.

How did this character treat his caretakers growing up versus now?: ★
He's still very gracious to have been under their guidance. They taught him to read and furthered his love for literature and education. Most of the tenants of the village are not concerned with learning things and are more focused on safety and fending for themselves.

Does he have any siblings?: ★
Yes, he has a younger sister. Unfortunately, they weren't very close, thus he is unaware of her current circumstances and whereabouts.

Describe the family dynamic growing up: ★
Growing up, he was very confused about himself and where he came from. He didn't really understand what had happened with his family before his guardians until he pieced it together later when he was seven or eight. From then on, he has always been asking questions about how everything works. He lived in an environment where he was different, but the called the "same." Made to stand in the same lines as everyone else, yet mocked because he stood with them. There were many who were orphaned like him, but none who had the same family dynamic with doting caretakers who helped him pursue the understandings of the past, and perhaps the future.

Describe the family dynamic now: ★
His caretakers have reached their prime and are becoming slower. Because of this, he goes between living by himself and studying somewhat "abroad" if we use the term very loosely, and staying at his caretakers' house to return their favor and look after them. His sister doesn't visit their adoptive parents often, but he knows that she has a family of her own despite her young age of 20.

Family history (the family they were born and/or raised with): ★
Lukáš was born to a Czechs father and a Welsh mother. They were fairly young when his mother birthed him, approximately twenty-two and twenty.

Has this character ever been married?: ★

Does he have a family of their own now?: ★
Nope. Just his books and himself.

Favorite color: ★

Favorite clothing: ★
His ugly Christmas sweater that has real lights on the stitched tree.

Favorite place and why: ★
In the library because it's a great place to research.

Favorite room in the house and why: ★
Since there's only three rooms, well, I'd have to go with his bedroom because he has all of his books and such. All of his research is in there, generally.

Favorite food: ★
He has to go with okra pickles.

Favorite drink: ★
Chamomile tea.

Favorite music genre: ★
Acoustic and classical.

Favorite Song and Band: ★
“She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5.
“Northern Downpour” by Panic! At the Disco

Favorite Movie: ★
“Schindler’s List” directed by Steven Spielberg.

Favorite Actor/Performer: ★
Robert De Niro.

Favorite Book: ★
The list is too vast. “To Kill A Mockingbird” was one of his favorite books as a child, though.

Favorite Historical figure: ★
Winston Churchill. Very witty and a very good leader.

Favorite Subject in school: ★
History and Science (Physical, Biological, and otherwise).

Favorite Animal: ★
He doesn’t really have a favorite one. He’s fascinated by birds mostly.

Least favorite clothing: ★
Cargo shorts.

Least favorite place: ★
The public bathroom at the only diner in the community.

Least favorite food: ★
Cotton candy, or anything that’s too sugary.

Least favorite drink: ★

Least favorite music genre: ★

Least favorite subject in school: ★
Physical education.

Lusts: ★
He lusts after bitter fruit. Because he’s a ding-dong. Away from fruit, he pretty into collecting knick-knacks, so you could say he lusts after trinkets and often, patients will find things for him and give him them as little gifts and he absolutely adores them all, so do not touch or he might just bite your fingers off and spit them out without mercy. He might help you reassemble your little fingers, but only through a painfully deft process.

Loves: ★
Eh, he loves science and exploration. Anything for adventure! He prefers it inside, however, as he’s not built well for the outdoors, and well, he’s a bit of a pansy sometimes. Doesn’t mean he complains, however. He just likes indoors better than outdoors.

Dislikes: ★
Well, I guess he dislikes dirt on rainy days—when he has to go outside, of course. He doesn’t really like fire all that much because he’s burned himself in the past (he has some scars on his wrists and hands because of which).

Hates: ★
He hates cruelty towards children and animals most of all, but cruelty towards anyone or thing just bugs the hell out of him. He especially is disdainful towards those who feel that nothing is in their interest via schooling. Those that never contribute because of unwillingness, laziness, and lack of compassion are also on his list of pet peeves. Oh, and people who think it’s okay to touch his knick-knacks and people’s butts.

Does this character have a deep, dark secret?: ★
Yes? I imagine he does.

What if he could be characterized by an object; what would they be and why?: ★
If he were to be characterized by a certain object, it'd probably be his pipe;
it's just thoughtful and it let's things vaporize.

What if he were confronted with someone with an identical personality as themselves? What would they do?: ★
I think if he were to meet someone with absolutely identical of a personality,
he would like to study them and understand how they were so he could
observe himself in turn and perhaps improve some of his own traits.

What if he became physically handicapped? What would they do?: ★
If he were to be physically handicapped, I feel he would be rather devastated--
he looks after others when he goes on runs. It means he would have to give up on helping
others and worry about his disability. He could still do most things, but he would be stuck
maneuvering himself from place to place. It would be a struggle for him. This would mean,
however a lot more time to read and spend his leisure time studying.

What if he were placed in a new and unfamiliar environment? What would they do?: ★
Lukáš already spends his time learning about his surroundings. Really,
being placed in a unfamiliar environment would just be another field day he would dedicate
to figuring out what it's all about. He adapts quite easily.

What if he was proposed to? What would they do?: ★
Naturally, Lukáš is very thoughtful. His immediate reaction would be to pause.
He likes looking at things in a vast perspective, but initially, if he loved that person, he
would definitely say 'yes,' and have a rare moment of affection shown as he's not
very clingy or touchy, though is affectionate when it is called for.

What if he had a child? What would they do and how would it affect them?: ★
If he had a child, I think he would struggle in understanding things right away.
He would want to approach everything based on certain needs, but with children,
you can't always do that because there's a different way to handle things with
every different situation. After a while, he would understand this and work things
out in a less comprehensive way, but more going off of instinct which he needs
to develop as a person, rather than following the books. He just likes to be practical.

What song best fits this character?: ★
"Give Me Novocaine" by Green Day

If granted one wish, what would it be and why?: ★
That no one would 'turn' if bitten.

If they could be described with one of the seven virtues, which would it be?: ★
Diligence. He's always working on something, aiming at small little goals every day. He works at hard when he does, and it proves notably worthy of his time.

If they could be described with one of the seven sins, which would it be?: ★
Greed. This is sort of explanatory. He wants to learn as much as their is to learn. He wants to be the kind of person anyone can go to and he can give them their answers. He wants every little bit of knowledge he can hold inside his head.

Most prized possession and why: ★
His pipe because his biological father left it with him along with his mother's pearl necklace that his sister now has.

Religion: ★

Does he believe in a god/goddess?: ★
Not really. He's open to the idea, however.

What are his spiritual beliefs?: ★
He doesn't really have any. He just likes to believe in solely himself and in other people.

Is religion or spirituality an important part of this character's life?: ★
Although he reads up on it, he's not very concerned with it affecting his personal morals.

Superstitions: ★
He follows his father's old superstitions: black cats are bad luck, breaking glass is good luck. He greets spiders in his home as they are also lucky.

Where does this character hang out?: ★

Where is this character's dream place to live?: ★
Rome, Italy.

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